Beyond the Skyline: Living the Low-Rise Life at Kadamba

Hyderabad today is a world of high rise apartments dominating the skyline. The charm of lowrise apartments is easily overlooked because of them. Low-rise apartments range from one to four story and offer a living experience quite unique. 


Why should you buy a low-rise apartment that is situated outskirts of the city?

Well, here’s why.

  1. More Privacy: Low-rise buildings have fewer units and that means you will have fewer people living in close proximity. This implies more privacy for you. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the commotion caused by those noisy neighbours. 
  2. Better Views: Low-rise apartments are usually located in spaces where the surrounding landscape is emptier. Since there won’t be any buildings towering over your apartment, you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the city around you.
  3. Quaint Communities: Low-rise apartments are usually located in neighbourhoods that are quieter, offering an intimate community feel. As they are built with fewer units, it is easier to get to know the neighbours and build a community within the apartment complex.
  4. More Space: If you need more square footage, then you should choose low-rise apartments because they tend to have a bigger area compared to high-rise apartments. This implies more room for you to create a space that is truly yours. 
  5. Easy Access: As low-rise buildings have fewer floors, waiting for an elevator is never a problem and climbing the stairs does not feel like a trek. These flats can be really helpful for those who are elderly or have mobility issues. 
  6. Cost-Effective: Low-rise apartments are usually more affordable than high-rise apartments. This is due to the fact that lesser construction material goes into making them, and the cost of maintenance is low too. This makes low-rise buildings the best place for those who are looking for cost-effective housing solutions.
  7. Green Living: Low-rise buildings don’t impact the environment as much as high-rise buildings do. This is simply because low-rise buildings require lesser energy to run, and are often surrounded by greenery. 

Apart from this, you get to have access to a lot of outdoor spaces, an abundance of natural light, and all amenities and healthcare services close by too. So, what are you waiting for? Kadamba Forest is the perfect set of low-rise apartments for you to live in! 


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